Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finger Lakes Flute Circle Meeting 21 November 2013

The Finger Lakes Flute Circle is meeting Thursday, 21 November 2013, 6:30 p.m., at the Brighton Parks & Recreation building (former Brookside School), waypoint 1680 S Winton Rd, Rochester, NY 14618 (other side of the building is the official address 220 Idlewood Rd). Bring your flutes and drums!

Beginners are welcome! There will be beginner Native American flutes you may play.

A $5 contribution is requested for fees and room rental costs.

We will make great music together with flutes, drums, and hand percussion. We look forward to seeing you there!

The meeting schedule is listed on the Blog and Meetup websites:



Friday, November 15, 2013

Irish Flute Maker Documentary - The Keymaster: Patrick Olwell's Story

Earlier this year, a number of us participated in the week-long Tin Whistle Summer Camp here in Rochester, New York. It was a wonderful camp, with a delightful teacher from Ireland, Karen NĂ­ Bhroin. We learned a lot!

I took the opportunity to take some private lessons in Irish flute, using a loaner Folk Flute that maker Casey Burns had sent me while I was waiting for him to make the flute I had ordered. An Irish flute player noted that the Folk Flute would serve as a beginner flute, but that I might consider a flute with a more traditional "dry" sound. She showed me her keyless flute, from a maker that she recommended, Patrick Olwell, who she said lived in Virginia, and who likes to use the phone for communications, and doesn't have a website. I left a phone message for him over the summer, but then I got busy and never got around to following up.

In the fall, I saw an ad in Overtones!, the publication of the World Flute Society, for a documentary titled The Keymaster: Patrick Olwell's Story. I've just started experimenting with the Raspberry Pi, a $35 credit-card sized computer designed for education and accessibility, and put together an XMBC media center. As such, rather than purchasing the $20 DVD or $25 Blu-Ray from Whistle & Drum, I obtained the $6 digital download from Videolla. The digital version can be watched on your computer or mobile device. I downloaded the documentary, transferred it to my Raspberry Pi and thoroughly enjoyed the 86 minute movie on our home theater.

My connection to the Native American flute community has made me truly appreciative of the wonderful people that comprise it, including the flute makers, such as the much beloved Leonard McGann who "crossed over" earlier this year. This has led me to appreciate these instruments on many levels, with one significant component being the essence, effort, and intentions imbued into these works of the flute maker, by a living person who is an artist and a craftsman, with his own story.

The story of Patrick Olwell is told remarkably in The Keymaster. I came away with a sense of wonder and great respect, as well as pride in feeling some connection to a great American master and living treasure. He has achieved such excellence in his work, but seems such a down-to-earth guy, I one day hope to meet him and get to know him better. Through the film, I came to appreciate his decades of dedicated hard work and passion resulting in beautiful flutes whose magical artistry touch lives all over the world. There is wonderful traditional Irish flute music on the soundtrack throughout the movie.

Patrick Olwell's flutes are a year wait on order for the keyless ones, and six years for the keyed flutes, and are priced at a premium, comparable to professional concert instruments. I'm on the waiting list. I think it's an honor to own such a work of art, and I hope I will be able to do my part to honor the instrument.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An Evening of Harp Music at Pittsford Community Library

Sandy Gianniny performed on harp at the Rochester Fringe Festival earlier this year with Jefferson Svengsouk on Native American flute, Steve Piper on guitar, and Steve Imburgia on percussion and drums. Their interpretation of Pachelbel Canon received a standing ovation.

You can enjoy Sandy Gianniny's wonderful harp music at the Pittsford Community Library, 24 State St, Pittsford, NY.

Location: Pittsford Community Library, 24 State St, Pittsford, NY
Date: Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013, 7-8:30pm 

Register Online or call --585-249-5481

Take a break from the bustle of the upcoming holidays and enjoy relaxing harp music. Sandy Gianniny, a local freelance harpist and Certified Music Practitioner, will play a mix of Celtic, classical, and pop tunes. Registration required. Fisher Meeting Room.

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