Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gandondagan Beginner's Native Flute Workshop Report

We had a great time at the Ganondagan Native American Dance & Music Festival last weekend. There were many Finger Lakes Flute Circle members in attendance at the festival as well as participating in the Native flute workshop. This is the second year that the workshop has been held at Ganondagan, conducted by flute maker William Harjo with support by Finger Lakes Flute Circle founder Jefferson Svengsouk. There were many children interested in the Native American flute, and it was impressive how rapidly they learned to play with instruction. Jefferson also had the enjoyment of playing along with the popular Family Drum Jam. This has always been a great festival, and we look forward to holding a third workshop at next year's festival.

From the Ganondagan web site:
William Harjo is a member of the Creek Nation at Okmulgee Oklahoma. William grew up in McIntosh County OK with cultural ceremonies and speaking only his Creek language till he started 1st grade. He is an award winning flute maker. William has had the honor of displaying and playing his hand made flutes four times at Smithsonian venues.

William is a self taught flute player and willing to share his technique on how to master the Native American Flute.

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