Friday, June 5, 2015

Question: What are some good beginner Native American flutes?

Question posed after this month's flute circle meeting:

I really enjoyed my introduction to the Native American flute. I was checking out websites post-Meetup to try and find the practice flute model distributed yesterday evening. Saw several others, but not that particular one. Do you have a link, or can you please make recommendations?

My response on Meetup, with some additions:

It was wonderful to make music with you on the Native American flute. The "beginner" flutes we use are from Rich Dubé, Northern Spirit Flutes These A minor pentatonic flutes may be ordered directly from Rich, or at a discount at our flute circle meetings.
Good values the next step up in pricing include High Spirits Flutes (widely available through many retailers) and Butch Hall Flutes
Brad Young, 4 Wind Flutes, makes nice flutes and Brad is a great guy. You can get these if you are able to attend Native American flute festivals in the Northeast, such as the Potomac Native American Flute Festival (they took a break 2015) and SunWatch Native Flute Festival Unlike the flutes mentioned earlier that are quite uniform, each of Brad Young's flutes are individualized and unique.
I hope you will continue to enjoy playing Native American flute.

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