Tuesday, December 8, 2015

ICYMI Jefferson Svengsouk/Native American Flute on WXXI Connections for MAG Hidden Passions

In case you missed the December 2, 2015 broadcast of the WXXI Connections show about the Memorial Art Gallery Hidden Passions series (taped November 25), it is accessible as a podcast online: http://wxxinews.org/post/connections-hidden-passions-series

The MAG Hidden Passions Season 2, "Inspiring Conversations About Hyphenated Lives," features presentations from people in the Rochester, NY community, and the non-vocational interests that inspire them. People that include Wendell Castle (Oh, I would have loved to have been paired with him).

On the WXXI Connections show, I'm part of a panel of presenters, and I talk about my passion, Native American flute.

My actual MAG Hidden Passions Season 2 talk is February 25, 2016, 7pm, at the Memorial Art Gallery. FREE. http://mag.rochester.edu/events/hidden-passions-season-2/

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